Imperfect Pic of the Week – Weeks 11 + 12

Hey Imperfect Friends! Sorry I missed last week – totally got distracted by the holiday weekend… realized about halfway through the week that Sunday had come and gone.

So, this week, you get two gems!

First up, a little Rainbow Selfie in the Mirror, courtesy of BC. You can actually get a glimpse of the camera the girls use to take all these fascinating shots.


And while we’re exploring special effects and selfies, here is EC’s Kaleidoscope Close-Up.



Have a great week!

Imperfect Pic of the Week – Week 10

Happy Sunday! It’s been a very busy weekend for this Imperfect Family, with a birthday party on each day for close friends of EC, the second of which we hosted at our house for our Bonus Child. The original plan had been to utilize our nice big yard for a BBQ, but it rained ALL day, so we ended up with nearly a dozen 4-6 year olds (and their attached parents/caregivers) and friends – about 35 people total – inside our not-huge house. It was a little crazy, but I think everyone had fun!

For the first half or so of the party, EC’s camera was out and passed around, which resulted in some fun (and some really good!) pictures that the kids took of each other and themselves. This week’s feature was taken by the birthday girl while the rest of us were finishing set-up and decoration. She loves to experiment with the “special features” on the camera, and this highlights two of them – the cartoon overlays (a rainbow in this case), and color-shift or inversion.

For some reason, both EC and BC love to take pictures of the TV. In this one, with the features BC used, it actually became a cool subject. So here you go, Minnie Mouse in a Rainbow.100_0702

Imperfect Pic of the Week – Week 9

Happy Sunday, Imperfect friends! If you’re new to the Imperfect Pic of the Week, this is where I show off my kids’ budding photography skills. EC asked for and got a camera for her 4th birthday – apparently she does want to be a little like Mama. She and YC (and my BFF’s kid, also know as my BC – Bonus Child) love playing around with it.

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, EC is the girliest of girly-girls. Here we have an almost-selfie that shows some of her favorite outfit requirements: Pink and sparkly! Apparently, the full-on selfies didn’t show the sparkle enough…



Imperfect Pic of the Week – Week 8

Not much I hate more than being late, but sometimes it can’t be helped – so happy belated Sunday!

We have been out of town with pretty limited internet access for the past few days. Lots of wonderful family time at my in-laws’ family camp, with lake-swimming (I should rename the girls Fish 1 and Fish 2), food, hiking, food, guitars/singing, food, boating, food, sunshine, food… have you figured out that I married into a foodie family? The Saturday morning hiking excursion yielded more than a dozen ticks between Mr Imperfect and EC (ick!), but it also gave some me good pictures to choose from!

This week, I give you A View of Mt Abram, as seen from Buck’s Ledge in Bryant Pond, ME. I know I usually go for funny, but this one was so genuinely good, I had to show it off!


Imperfect Pic of the Week – Week 7

Greetings, Imperfect friends!  This week we have A Study in Camera Stillness.

Isn’t it so nice when you realize that your child listens to you? …even when they don’t quite get it.  As I’m making dinner, I hear from the other room, “YC, you need to stand still so I can take your picture!  Oh, look, it’s all blurry because you moved!”

Um, beautiful child of mine… dear, sweet EC… if the WHOLE picture is blurry, it isn’t because your SUBJECT needed to hold still…

Still so much to learn, but she still loves taking pictures!


Imperfect Pic of the Week – Week 6

Happy Sunday, friends!  I’m sorry I’ve been absent lately – working on lots of projects around the house, and a new venture that will hopefully start bringing a bit more income into the Imperfect House.  Once things start moving along with all of that, hopefully I’ll have some time to write again; I certainly have a lot of topics floating through my brain that need to be worked out!

Meanwhile, from the files of EC’s camera… I bring you a page from one of her favorite books at Grammie’s house.  She has now passed her love of the book on to YC, because what’s the point in having a little sister if you can’t team up to drive Mama crazy.  Since there’s not much to this book that makes it fun to read to a toddler, I call this “Not-Much-Of-A-Story Time”


If you can name this book, you win some major bragging rights.

Imperfect Pic of the Week – Week 5

I hope this works, as it’s my first time posting from my mobile…

Happy Sunday once again, and Happy Memorial Day Weekend. We are out of town/state visiting family. One of our favorite stops when we do is Friendly’s for lunch since there isn’t one near us in ME anymore. EC’s favorite part? 

BALLOONS!!! So in honor of that, I give you A Portrait of Balloons. These are not this weekend’s balloons, but EC has been way too busy to be bothered with her camera this weekend, so this homage will have to suffice (they are still Friendly’s balloons at least).