Imperfect Pic of the Week – Week 10

Happy Sunday! It’s been a very busy weekend for this Imperfect Family, with a birthday party on each day for close friends of EC, the second of which we hosted at our house for our Bonus Child. The original plan had been to utilize our nice big yard for a BBQ, but it rained ALL day, so we ended up with nearly a dozen 4-6 year olds (and their attached parents/caregivers) and friends – about 35 people total – inside our not-huge house. It was a little crazy, but I think everyone had fun!

For the first half or so of the party, EC’s camera was out and passed around, which resulted in some fun (and some really good!) pictures that the kids took of each other and themselves. This week’s feature was taken by the birthday girl while the rest of us were finishing set-up and decoration. She loves to experiment with the “special features” on the camera, and this highlights two of them – the cartoon overlays (a rainbow in this case), and color-shift or inversion.

For some reason, both EC and BC love to take pictures of the TV. In this one, with the features BC used, it actually became a cool subject. So here you go, Minnie Mouse in a Rainbow.100_0702

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