Imperfect Pic of the Week – Week 6

Happy Sunday, friends!  I’m sorry I’ve been absent lately – working on lots of projects around the house, and a new venture that will hopefully start bringing a bit more income into the Imperfect House.  Once things start moving along with all of that, hopefully I’ll have some time to write again; I certainly have a lot of topics floating through my brain that need to be worked out!

Meanwhile, from the files of EC’s camera… I bring you a page from one of her favorite books at Grammie’s house.  She has now passed her love of the book on to YC, because what’s the point in having a little sister if you can’t team up to drive Mama crazy.  Since there’s not much to this book that makes it fun to read to a toddler, I call this “Not-Much-Of-A-Story Time”


If you can name this book, you win some major bragging rights.

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