Imperfect Pic of the Week – Week 1

I had intended to start this a while back on my FB page, but after the very first one, I kind of forgot about it.

EC got a camera for her 4th birthday (a VTech Kidizoom, if you’re curious).  It’s been about 7 weeks since that birthday, and in that time, I have gone through well over 1000 pictures that she and her almost-6-year-old BFF (aka, my Bonus Child, or BC) have taken. If it’s nauseatingly blurry or just plain repetitive, I delete it, but I still have hundreds of photos left.  And so begins this series, which will feature only photos taken by kids… my own kids (including BC) for now, but hopefully I can start featuring some from you all – all you gotta do is send them to me by email! Some will be funny, some interesting, some predictably horrible, and some surprisingly good.

So, for Week 1, I present “Portrait of Drying Diaper Covers”, by EC.

Drying Diaper Covers

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