Shaming Moms? Nope, Shame on You!
I’m sorry… what exactly does a mom look like??

I know a lot of moms. I have a mom, she has a mom, my dad has a mom, my husband has a mom, and his dad has a mom… my friends have moms, many of my friends ARE moms, and oh wait… I’m a mom! The one thing I can tell you about all of these moms is that no two look alike (I don’t happen to personally know any twins that are moms). The implied assumption of this ad that looking “like a mom” is something that needs to be improved by surgery is beyond insulting.

It’s sad that this might be viewed as a good advertising strategy. It’s sad that there are people out there who have low enough self-esteem that they will be influenced by this type of ad, and have their confidence lowered even more by the belief that they need to be “fixed”.

It’s sad that the people who work on advertising for this business aren’t more creative, that they couldn’t find a more positive way to promote these procedures. What about a jump-start on the every Spring push to get in “bathing suit shape”? Or if they wanted to target mothers, fine, what about suggesting doing “something for yourself” for Mothers’ Day? There are definitely approaches that aren’t insulting

But the saddest part, and amazes me the most about this ad, which was published today in a small local newspaper, is that I can only imagine how many desks it crossed before it went to print. It’s a pretty professional-looking ad, so it seems to me that they employed an advertising agency (or at least a consultant of some nature). And seriously, did no one, at any point in the process, look at this and say “You know, this might be a little offensive”. Not ONE person??

There has already been a backlash locally, with outrage streaming through local mom groups and pouring in from the community at large, and rumor has it that the ad is being pulled. But I think it’s safe to say the damage has been done – I don’t plan to have plastic surgery, but if anyone I know decides they want to, I won’t be recommending this office. Would you?

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