4 Things I’d Rather Someone Else Do With My Kids

Every parent has strengths and weaknesses. I like to think I’m pretty cognizant of my own, and I think it’s the real reason we need that “village” while we’re raising our children. I’ve done a lot of things for my kids that I probably wouldn’t do for many others (as we all do).  However, I have made crystal clear to EC (and will to YC when she gets older, too) that there are certain things Mama will NOT do with her. You better believe she takes full advantage when others are around who will.

Here are a few things that I would rather not do:

Stickers – Kids always want to stick them places they don’t belong, and the goop that is left behind never quite comes off completely without a lot of work. Or, they stick them on their own skin, then cry when it they rip them off and it hurts. Or, if your kid is like EC, they stick them here, the move them there, then move them again, and then have a meltdown when the sticker won’t stick anymore.

(Case and point, Mr I just helped me “undecorate” the playroom – EC decided that her Easter decorating would consist of putting Hello Kitty stickers all over the walls, windows and furniture.)

Outdoor winter adventuring – Luckily, Mr I is very eager to engage our children in this area; also, EC’s preschool takes the kids outside every day, unless it’s under 20°F or actively/messily precipitating. So despite my own preference to stay inside, warm and dry, my kiddos are developing quite a love of playing in the snow.


Crafts – specifically involving scissors, glue, and/or glitter. I strongly believe that art and creativity are hugely important in child development, but I just don’t do crafts – I’m too controlling and particular, and I know if I tried, it would not be fun for anyone involved, and someone could quite possibly get hurt. I recognize and accept this deficiency in my parenting, and that’s why EC goes to preschool. From the piles upon piles of “art projects” that come home with her on a weekly basis, I think she’s probably getting plenty of exposure. YC will also, when the time comes.

Play-doh – Almost anyone who knows me knows that I hate play-doh. First there’s the way it gets smooshed into everything – clothes, chairs, rugs – or it dries out and hardens and is useless (which upsets EC greatly).  And this part may be my own anal-retentiveness, but I cannot stand when the colors mix together. But above all else, the smell. Seriously, it’s repulsive. I can wash my hands and the table three times over and still smell that nasty awful odor – and that’s from cleaning up after someone else played with her. I won’t even stay in the same room as that foul substance. In fact, I’m getting nauseated right now, just thinking about it.

What activities with your kids do you prefer to “outsource”?


2 thoughts on “4 Things I’d Rather Someone Else Do With My Kids

  1. We don’t have the winter weather issue here in Florida but I completely understand the Play-doh issue. What a mess! I make my boys play out on the driveway with it on a cookie sheet because getting it out of carpet is just not fun.


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