Nine Ways My Day Sucked (and How It Turned Out Awesome After All)

When I end the day feeling like it’s been awful, like I did tonight, I like to do a sort of pro/con list of the day. Acknowledging the bad helps me let it go. And finding the good? Well, that’s always wise, right? So here we go…

Reasons my day sucked:

  • We didn’t get much sleep last night – YC woke at least 5 times that I can remember.
  • My stomach was still angry with me this morning (yesterday, I seemed to have some sort of bug – lots of digestive discomfort and cramping)
  • YC showed signs of having the same bug after picking at her breakfast. She stiffened, arched and screamed at random, and simply would not be comforted.
  • My phone suddenly decided to stop working, just as I was leaving YC at home with a family friend so I could go get my hair done. A trip out by myself was tainted by worrying about my unhappy toddler with no way to call or text to check in.
  • I spent more money on my hair in one morning than I’ve spent on it in the past year – and I’m not sure yet if it came out the way I was hoping (we’ll see once I’ve been able to wash/style it myself).
  • I had to wake YC to pick up EC at preschool. She was highly cranky and uncooperative about leaving. She melted down in EC’s classroom because I wouldn’t let her take all the other kids’ Easter egg projects, and then was again (publicly this time) cranky and uncooperative when it was time to leave the school.
  • I fought through busy downtown traffic to go to the grocery store before home, then had a hyperventilating panic attack when I saw how crowded the parking lot was. EC was quite distraught when I cancelled the grocery trip.
  • EC had a meltdown when I wouldn’t let her have more than a hard-boiled egg (which she requested) as a snack at 4:15pm. YC followed immediately with her own meltdown that I closed the back door again after putting something in the recycle bin out in our entryway. I stuck them in the living room, put on a movie, and had my own meltdown in the kitchen.
  • EC, who usually loves bath time, had an epic tantrum about getting in the tub, which resulted in me physically putting her in. She screamed a lot, eventually stomping her foot into the water and splashing it all over me. I lost my temper and splashed water in her face and yelled… loudly.

Reasons my day was awesome:

  • EC ate her breakfast and got dressed without complaint. This does not always happen.
  • YC was happy to see our friend and went right into her arms, instead of clinging to me as she often does when someone first arrives.
  • I got 3 whole hours out of the house with no kids, including running a financial errand, which is so much easier without them in tow.
  • I tried something with my hair I’ve wanted to do for a while.
  • YC’s sweet face as she fell asleep rocking in my arms for nap time.
  • YC napped for a solid 3 hours, which meant I got to chat with our friend before she left, eat lunch, and do some writing.
  • EC ran over and hugged me and said “Mama! I missed you!” when she noticed me in her classroom. She left cooperatively and enthusiastically, even though her friends were headed out to play on the playground.
  • Both kids ate supper without complaint or whining.
  • I apologized to EC for losing my temper (and yelling and splashing). She apologized to me for “being difficult, not listening, yelling, crying, and splashing”. When Mr I got home and joined us in the bedtime routine, he couldn’t even tell there had been a drama.
  • Mr I volunteered to go out and get take out from our local drive in diner. Fried food and milkshake in front of the TV, here I come!

No, really… time to go eat while we watch last night’s Bones!

P.S. – 10 to 9… Guess my day was awesome after all!

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