Hi there, and welcome. Here’s what you need to know about this page and about me.

The posts on this page reflect my thoughts and opinions. I’m entitled to them. You are entitled to agree or disagree. I try to be open-minded and courteous – I expect the same from you. I reserve the right to delete inappropriate or abusive comments.

About me:

I’m imperfect. I don’t claim to know everything about everything; I don’t even claim to know everything about anything.  Some things, I don’t even know anything about. Anything I write on here is my experience and/or my opinion. Take from it what you wish. I’m Mama to two beautiful girls whom I love more than life, presently 4 years old and 19 months old. For their privacy, I won’t be using their real names on this site.  Given how young they are, I also don’t want to stick them with personality-based nicknames just yet, so for now, I’ll call them EC (Eldest Child) and YC (Youngest Child). I live in ME.  The “me” at the end of the website isn’t egotistical, I promise. I live in a smallish college town in the great state of Maine – Vacationland! I love my husband as much as my girls. I may call him Mr Imperfect (Mr I), but he’s more like Mr Perfect-for-me, and he’s an amazing dad. I’m “open” to a fault, and almost no topic is off-limits. I have been accused more than once of over-sharing, and now I have my very own forum to do it. Welcome officially to the innermost workings of my brain.

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